Sunday, July 25, 2010

One month till Departure

So I thought maybe its about time to get a blog up and running. Time to get my writing cap on to keep those at home and about informed after a couple of years in the London wilderness. For those who don't know what this is about, here goes..

Last year sometime I stumbled across the idea of doing an overland bike trip to Capetown. So out went a Facebook message to try and get some more recruits onboard. Craig replied back a wee while later asking if I was actually serious, and I replied "yeah why not". Never one to miss out on the action, craig was the first to be enlisted. Since then we have been really fortunate to meet a couple of English guys, Ted and Neil. They had been planning a similar trip to us, and we crossed paths on the excellent overlanding website "Horizons Unlimited". A quick meeting for "Tea and Scones" in Wales was enough to convince us that we should join forces for at least the first section of the trip.

As for the route. We will take the eastern route through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya etc, planning out the exact details as we go. A new Mediteranean ferry route from Venice to Alexandria providing the link up from Europe.

I was listening to that old 80's song in the shop today titled "The final countdown". Quite appropriate.

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