Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tomorrow's D-day!

All the months of planning and thinking are finally at an end. Time to get on the bike and actually ride! After a month of working seven day weeks, I've finally had the time to pack and organize everything I'll need to take for 4 months of overlanding. Might seem a little last minute but today I finally loaded everything onto the bike for the first time (see the pictures below). Space is certainly at a premium, and it all adds up to a lot more weight than I imagined. Still the bike seems to be handling ohk. I'm pretty sure I'll become well versed in packing the bike over the next few weeks.

Day 1 will be Dover to Calais France, camping somewhere for the night. From here I'll have two weeks of solo travel across France and Italy before meeting Assi in Venice for a hotel retreat (Last bit of luxury for probably quite a while)!  Then its onto another ferry for 4 days (Venice to Alexandria in Egypt via Syria). I'll be meeting up with Craig, Ed and Neil for the ferry journey. Stay tuned for updates!


  1. Hi Cam - somewhere in Europe! FYI, there will be a fan group up north - here in Finland - following your & your mates' journey down in Africa. The very best of luck to you all, remember to take NO risks and keep us posted. BR Lauri, Iiris and Rosa :):):)

  2. Goodluck man! Hope it all goes well. Will follow your progress on here. Not sure how much internet access you will have along the way though!

    Stu D.