Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cairo to Hurghada

So we finally got our visas for Sudan and Ethiopia after a long 9 days in Cairo. Neils Sudanese visa took a day longer meaning that due to weekends and public holidays he will have to wait until Khartoum to get his Ethiopian. We rang the ferry company in Aswan only to find out its fully booked till next Monday. This is the only route into Sudan, and the ferry operates weekly. So its three weeks in Egypt, and much longer than we’d hoped. After Egypt its land border crossings the whole way, meaning that we should be able to make up for lost time.

Currently we are residing in Hurghada, after a easy ride out to the Suez Canal and down the Red sea coastline. Our first night of wild camping was spent in an old metal quarry a few minutes off the highway, followed by our first swim in the Red Sea the next day! The warmest sea water I’ve ever encountered. Since reaching Hurghada we spent a day out at a coral reef swimming and snorkelling, with Craig and Ed Diving. Certainly beats English grey skies. Todays a rest day, before we bust it across to Luxor tomorrow where its supposedly about five degrees hotter. There’ll be no respite from the heat until we reach Ethiopia.


  1. Hi Cam! How's it going? What nice pictures from Egypt you've taken. Just to let you know that we and friends check your blog daily. Quite a few people around here know about your adventure and ask us about it. A quick update of what I've been up to lately: it's been very busy at the mill but somehow I managed to find time to get a hunting license. When the moose hunting season began a couple of weeks ago I organised a VIP hunt in Rovaniemi, Lapland. We got a big one, unfortunately it wasn't me who shot it. Nevermind. Take good care of yourself and keep us posted. Regards Lauri

  2. Hey Kiwi,where are you now?miss u. x