Monday, December 13, 2010

Livingstone to Namibia

Quick update. We are now in Namibia at the coast. So we've officially crossed Africa, now we just have to do north to south. Capetown is near.

From Livingstone we ducked into Botswana where we did a flight over the Okavango Delta. Pretty cool, with plenty of game to be seen. We have been travelling with Max and Jacob, a couple of Germans travelling on KTM's. Good guys. Tommorow its off to meet Craigs girlfriend Eve in Windhoek. Almost out of Internet..... more later.


  1. Craig is getting hairy!!! and Is that KFC meal?

  2. Yep, Eve prefers him that way, apparently. Aged like a fine wine. KFC Windhoek. Back to the old western habbits already.